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  1. Thanks! I must admit I haven't explored the more creative uses of this plugin, fun
  2. Sorry forgot to mention that the CS file is for use with the CodeLab plugin If you don't want to look at or modify the code, feel free to ignore it
  3. Thanks for the hard work, awesome list!
  4. This is a simple "whitepoint" correction plugin. It's ideal for images which have a slight color tint, and which contains some pixels which should be neutral grey. I wrote this plugin as my mobile camera usually ends up taking images with poor color balance, and I wanted a simple tool to correct it. I'm publishing it in case anyone else finds it useful. Usage: Select the Color Picker tool. Use the Color Picker to select a Primary Color which should be neutral grey. Select the Adjustments menu and select the Whitepoint plugin. If not satisfied, undo, try another color and run it again. H
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