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  1. Hello, Many thanks for your answers. I initially ran the 4.0.9 version when I encountered the problem that I described, so I tried an older version (4.0.8) to begin problem determination Following your advices, I reinstalled the 4.0.9 version after rebooting the system. And the problem has gone this morning, Paint.net seems to work like a charme. As I don't believe to ghosts, I (re)enclose the full text of the crashes. If someone can tell me what happened I would be grateful. Another hypothesis would be that it comes from Windows 10 as since I moved from Windows 7, I didn't feel very well. Strange comportments, lags etc... BR. Daniel. PaintTrouble.txt
  2. Hi All, I am experiencing a strange trouble. I have 4.0.8 installed (but tried with 4.0.9 is the same) and every time I try to modify a picture (ctrl Z or any command) the program hang for 10 to 15 seconds and I got the message “une erreur s’est produite en copiant l’image dans le presse papier” (French system) which mean “an error happened while copying picture to clipboard”. I went to Windows 10 recently and it is the first time I use Paint.net under this system. Enclosed are data I have collected. Can someone help me? Thank you. Daniel. PaintTrouble.txt
  3. Hi, Many thanks it is exactly what I needed. Regards.
  4. Hi All, I am just starting to use Paint.net. Please be indulgent if it is not a good question, thank you. I cannot change the text color when I want to insert text on a picture. Can someone tell how to do that ? Many thanks. Regards.
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