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  1. thank you for answer , but still i cannot make the granulles perfectly White Chocolate !
  2. Hi again Pixey. i am sorry but i dont understand , that its why i ask you , if you can, to send me instructions step by step . i mean to tell me exactly how i can do this , on what butons i have to press ... exactely .. if its possible . if i knew to do this i didn't ask ! thank you in advance
  3. hello, i know how to remove a background . i need to replace the color in the GOLD wax , i mean i want to convert the color of Gold Wax into White Chocolate . i need to be done on that picture , because i have it at high resolution , it is better like this. please tell me how i can do this with Paint.net program . thank you .
  4. Hello, can you please help me with this image. i want to change the color of the wax granulles from GOLD to White Chocolate. please to explain to me exactely (stept by step) how can i do this to make the color that i need . in the end the pic Wax-GOLD.jpg i want to have the color from the White Chocolate thank you in advance .
  5. Hi , i am new here . Heres what i want . i have a picture with white background . I want to crop only the picture from there with transparent background . i read your forum and i use the Magic Wand Tool , and i save the image in png , but the image saved was also with white background . I dont understand and i dnt know how i can do this. Please show me how i can do this . Thanks in advance.
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