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  1. Please, is there any ETA on this for v4? I really wish for this for ages... I read somewhere it would be in the alpha of v4, but I suppose it was unofficial info
  2. Hello Rick, for 4.0 I was really hoping for Photoshop-style picture scrolling, where I can move an edge of the picture to a center of the screen and even further. I want all four panels to be there, but they are in the way all the time, turning off and on again is pain in the butt... And I have one bugreport, I tried the latest beta on Win 8.1 Pro in VMware (see Diagnostics). (VMware, beacuse 4 replaced my v3.5.11 even I didn't want that). I was just doodling "nothing" and horizontal, vertical and later diagonal spikes appeared (instantly), see pic below. I didn't draw anything that touches the edge of the picture, just the rubbish in the middle. Hope you find it helpful.
  3. Yes, you did Thank you! That's exactly what I needed, I've never used the Normal blending/Overwrite toggle and the Overwrite works even better otherwise - sometimes I had hard times to keep the same transparency level using blending. Thank you once again, you've just made my day! (And if there's such thing, this thread can be locked)
  4. Hello, I'm often creating pixelart pics with transparent background using Pencil and I'd really appreciate, if as a secondary color would be an eraser (left click = drawing, right click = erasing). Is there such thing possible? I can set some color and using Magic Wand (0 % tolerance) remove it or switching between pencil and eraser by keyboard, but - you know it's not so fast 'n' convenient. I tried to search for it here, but I guess I don't have correct keywords... Thank you!