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  1. Thank you kindly for the update. No worries: take your time. Paint.NET is certainly not the only application with those updates in the backlog. Thank you for having it on your radar. In the mean time, I've changed to 2x 1440p monitors to avoid this issue (and others!), so I'm good on this front as well. Thank you again for your thoughtful replies & candid efforts. I'm off to more excelelnt editing 😎
  2. No, none at all: agreed, Windows does it more than well enough. I'd consciously avoid windows (lowercase 'w') management software just for that reason: I'm already feeling anxious just thinking of how many programs don't play well. On the NVIDIA GT 710 (not Quadro), it's just the NVIDIA drivers: I long uninstalled their GeForce Experience bloatware. // However, it does look like it's something much deeper than Paint.NET. I ran through my programs list and found these applications exhibited the bug: Notepad++ 32-bit 7.9.1 Paint.NET 4.2.14 7-
  3. Ah, hello! Thank you so much for developing Paint.NET. It's saved my life many times; I've bought the Store version, but prefer the *.exe for some flexibility purposes. Thank you. And you're exactly right. With more DPI testing & switched around the monitors, the bug only reproduces 1) if the DPIs are not equal and 2) on the secondary monitor. Monitor 1 (primary) : 1440p @ 125% DPI Monitor 2: 1080p @ 100% DPI (bug appears here) Monitor 1 (primary) : 1440p @ 100% DPI Monitor 2: 1080p @ 125% DPI (bug appears here) Monitor 1 : 1440p @
  4. Paint.NET: version 4.2.14 (final 4.214.7601.39231) OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 20H2 (19042.746) Display 1: 2560x1440 @ 125% DPI / Intel i5-8600K iGPU, driver Display 2: 1920x1080 @ 100% DPI / NVIDIA GT 710 dGPU, driver (problem occurs only on this monitor) What should happen: when Paint.NET is maximized, its window should extend to the top of the monitor. So, moving your cursor to the top-right should always hit the red "X" close button. What actually happens: Paint.NET leaves an unusual gap at the top and I often click the window
  5. That's true. Oh, and you were totally spot-on about PDN rocking...I was scared off by the complexity of GIMP last year, so I didn't even think to try Paint.NET, but it is simply wonderful. How did your computer not come with MS Paint? Are you on Windows? I thought MS Paint was by default included... ~Ibrahim~
  6. Oh, so I imagine you deselected "make Paint.NET the default image editor," then. Oh, well, maybe this "tweak" isn't for everyone. Hey, habits are stubbornly efficient, though, haha. In fact, that's why I dug a little deeper into this tweak when I could only find a XP version. I've used the "edit" option for years: resize, convert, text addition, recolor, what have you, so it was only natural to somehow remap to Paint.NET. ~Ibrahim~
  7. Nifty. Well, I'm too meager for more than one image editor, hehe. So, when you edit "Edit", what program opens for you? Is it MS Paint or Paint.NET? ~Ibrahim~
  8. Hey! At the risk of sounding ungrateful, I view photos with Windows Live Photo Gallery because it's a photo browser. I usually view images (not edit them), so by default I would like them to open in a photo browser application. I just want an easy way to sometimes open images in PDN (when I want to edit them). Most of the time, I'm uploading/quickly-editing/viewing photos, so they open by default in Windows Live Photo Gallery. But for the chance I want to remove the background of a photo, now I just right-click and hit edit. Basically, it's like adding a right-click context menu item for PD
  9. Oh. Um. I see. Well, during the install, I selected Paint.NET as the default image editor, but still MS Paint opened. We're talking about this button, right? It's pointed to a *.png image: I reinstalled Paint.NET to verify and still MS Paint opens unless I edit the registry key. I didn't touch default programs after installing Paint.NET...weird. Maybe my install is messed up, then (Win7 64-bit). Well, never mind.... ~Ibrahim~
  10. If you right-click an image and click "Edit" in Windows, this opens the image in MS Paint. And you can't change this. Or that's what I thought; here's how to change that to Paint.NET! Warning: This post probably looks really suspicious since this is my first post. What the heck. Anyways, I know diddly squat about the Registry. Some tweak sites for XP mentioned this tweak (stating this key would be found at HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ SystemFileAssociations \ image \ shell \ edit \ command). That exact key didn't exist. So, I searched the Registry for "SystemFileAssociations" and found the key I wro
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