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  1. I think people don't understand what my Question is because english is not my language...anyway Here we go again... I don' t understand how I got the copy/shadow of the 1st image into layer 2 (the yellow) and layer 3 (the purple). I tried again many ways and I only get color without the shadow off the design from the main picture. I hope I can find it out in the next days or some body here can help me out.. Merry Christmas
  2. Hii all Im using paint net since 4 days only. And Ive done something -I don't know how. Here I show you a picture about my Problem. Its made with only 3 layers the other 3 layers are about the Number I ve startet with the Blue made a second yellow background as another with violet. I went to the originel blue, selectet the spiral part went back to the yellow layer and done something I don't remember. When I try it on my other projects I only get plain color no matter what I do.. I thought I done something with contrast .. But still I get only plain colors, not the projektion of the motive. The result of the 3 layers together is shown in the last Picture. Please .. If some1 could help me out.. I feel stupid, but its my 2nd day I tried sooo hard to figure.