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  1. Ok, there are allot of customized offline install packages for .NET framework 3.5 out there, if anyone knows of one that they are certain works I'd appreciate a link Thanks Edit: Also, I have never networked two PCs. What I am wondering ( I have googled but can't find an answer) is if I have one PC with web access, will that enable a browser on the second to connect/download from the web by proxy.
  2. When running the extraction of the installer I got from here the first message says. ... The following will be Installed: .Net Framework 3.5 sp1 paint.NET ... It then tries to download the .NET sp1 setup package that I have already installed, then displays the error message that Im not connected to the net and the installation stops. Any Idea what's going on?
  3. I have installed the .net framework 3.5 system however I have only found two types of paint.net installers. One tries to install .net framework before paint.net, and even after installing .net framework before hand, the installer still insists on attempting to connect to redownload it. The second installer is a type that doesn't try to connect to download and install framework, instead it is just paint.net. The issue is that the installer isn't the full setup file and tries to access the net to download the rest of paint.net setup. Are there any alternate setup files that can install just paint.net... older versions are ok so long as they have the polarity inversion effect not sure why the second last line is lager than the rest... I'm not yelling