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  1. It has been a week or so since I've been unable to access https://www.getpaint.net/ with Firefox. I tried: Firefox 57.0.4, the newly released version 58, Firefox ESR 52 and Tor. All clean profiles, same error. The site works with Chromium.
  2. Thank you for fixing the bugs from the previous release. The click scroll isn't sticky anymore. I recently discovered a new bug, it was present before 4.0.12, since overscroll was implemented: Shift or Ctrl key pressed while inserting text on the lower corners makes the image scoll until it meets the edge. It's easier to reproduce with larger resolution images (in this case 2560x1440) and at higher zoom (400% or 600% or more). http://i.imgur.com/QJBaTnd.gif
  3. Also a regression from 4.0.9: if I pan the image by pressing the scrollwheel, sometimes when I release it, paint.net still drags the image for a fraction of a second. This results in unwanted panning if you move your pointer fast enough. This issue does not occur if you use the Pan tool with click 1, only the click 3 panning.
  4. Display issues when zoomed in (I highlighted with red circles, those lines should be straight (it's a screenshot from desktop)). It mostly happens at 300% or 400% zoom and if pant.net window is maximised. Disabling hardware acceleration fixes the problem. Something similar happens while you do a selection with (in this case) 400% zoom. Note the inside of the selection, certain pixels moving their position. These two are regressions from 4.0.9. Also, on a non related note, would be nice if paint.net would offer the possibility to compress JPEGs even less than what it currently does at 100% quality.
  5. Hello. Paint.NET's selection tool sometimes selects just half of a pixels column. Here's a screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/5qk44BU.png It happens on both 4.0 public alpha releases. Using Windows 7 x64.
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