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  1. Awesome! Thanks to both of you! Now that I see it written out it's like a "face palm" moment. I blame lack of sleep and caffeine OD.. >.> Hehe, thanks for answering and not making fun of me! I'll play around with it after a nap and show you what I came up with!
  2. Hey there Paint.net-ers! I'm new to not only to the forums but to Paint.net itself. I've been creating some really neat things! However I've hit a road block. I've been searching forums all night, and it's possible I'm just not searching for the right thing, but I can't find anything on how to create a reflection! I have this amazing looking horizon with a planet in the background clouds all around, but I want to take it a step up and create a lake on the bottom part of the picture and reflect the trees/sky into the water. Suggestions? Or plug-ins? I searched the plug-in index, and the only thing I could find no longer exists (ugh). I know this is probably a super noob question, but... I'm a super noob! Thanks in advance!
  3. Here was my go or two at it:
  4. This actually caught my eye because I was looking for cool text effects to try to make a logo for my new guild in World of Warcraft, who's name happens to be Synthetic. I gave it a couple of shots, just trying out to see if I was capable at following directions, and your tutorial was very well written and easy to follow! This is what I came out with: First Try: Second Try: With a bit of practice, I think these basics will come in super handy! Thanks so much!
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