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  1. How do I make shadowing as in the picture below?
  2. I'm making an ad for my group on ROBLOX. I'm using PyroChild's splatter plugin and I'm typing the words I want on the ad on a separate background (So I can turn them diagonally, ect) but if I "Rectangle select" the letters and past them, it puts white over my splatter, If I "Magic wand" the letter it doesn't get the whole letter (I'm typing In a font where each letter has a few different pieces.) How do I put the words on the background without messing up my background?
  3. I can't get Trail to work. How do I select what I want it to trail?
  4. Do I unzip PyroChild's plugin pack or just put the zip file in? Could you post instructions?
  5. Thanks. I'll use those. I need to post another question when I find a picture to go with it.
  6. I need the effects I show below. I will explain what I need in each one. Is there anything that can make a background like the one that is in this ad? http:// Is there any effect that will make a mirror like reflection like on the "LONGEST"?
  7. Hi Noswad,

    I've got limited access to this forum also.

    I feel your pain.

  8. <img src="http://forums.getpaint.net/public/style_emoticons/default/boltbait.yikes.png" class="bbc_emoticon" alt=""> Cool!<br>
  9. xD =3 >=3 =L x3 How do you do the eyes like in this? ಠ_ಠ or other things like that?
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