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  1. Does anyone play Team Fortress 2? Is so, add me, I'm Noswad0208.
  2. Please tell me they got punched? What was going on with his dog, btw?
  3. I usually make a new layer, zoom in on the eyes, put a black dot over them, and then set the transparency level of the layer to where it looks best.
  4. Oh, I thought he meant he already had the turkey selected.
  5. Try this.. Create a layer for the text Press Ctrl+D Try typing text
  6. Is the noise white? If so... 1.Select the magic wand tool 2.Set selection mode to global 3.Select the white background 4.Edit menu > Erase selection
  7. This is a problem with ABRmate, not paint.net.
  8. Wait, so you open scriptlab then start writing effect names? Or?
  9. @Odd, As EER said, "The appealing download buttons are intended to be targeted by people who don't read the fine print first. In your screenshot it is stated in plain text what the button will download - you just didn't read it."
  10. Not without cutting the corners of the book off **as far as I know**.
  11. Here's what I did.. 1. Put picture that needs to rotate on it's own layer. 2. Rotate. 3. Run AA's_Assistant , Soften edges checked, Sharpness at 3.00, Gamma at 2.00, Offset at 1.00 4. Repeat using AA's_Assistant at those levels until edges are smooth. This worked for me.
  12. Wow great tut. Going on my favorites list. ;D
  13. @Mcarroll There is a competition in progress at the moment. @Drew Thanks for the advice.
  14. Welsh: Great work. Looks really cool but is a bit too simplistic and the plain black background throws it off a bit. Sand: WOW that is AMAZING best work I've ever seen in PDN. Welsh - 1 Sand - 3 Sand wins!
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