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  1. Sweet, It will have to be later today to try out. :(


    My dad had puzzles from when he was a boy, alas now lost to the ages. None of the pieces had tabs like today's puzzles, just curved edges. A few of the inner pieces were cut around various characters in the scene, like the doggy, a little boy and  the cottage.


    Just a remembrance, not a suggestion. :)

  2. Congrats newcomer Si Borg for the win.

    Intriguing piece Pixey, congrats on your 2nd place win.

    Barbieq, strange I can almost hear a story in this. Congrats on your 3rd place win

    Very interesting entries everyone.


    Thank you Pixey.

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  3. Hi this doesn't seem to be working right. I'll try again.


    This goes to Google Drive where you can download a screen clip of Welshblue's Metallic Text in a zip file.


    This post isn't needed anymore thanks to EER getting the original tutorial up again.


    Here is the link to it.




  4. Lynxster4


    I made my heart shapes early on and just figured that the bugs hadn't been worked out of ShapeMaker yet. I thought it was known that the fill didn't always turn out looking right, but I thought the pinwheel look was really cool. I apologize that I didn't catch your meaning. And I apologize, BoltBait, for using the Application shape as an example. Maybe Draw Filled Shape just won't work for everything. :/



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