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  1. Hi! Beta, welcome back.


    When I posted above I think I had been gone for a while too.

    Life gets in the way.


    Guess what I was trying to say is I like your style.:tard3:


    I've made a ton of textures, but not really thought of them as "art". I do use them as added interest to some works. 


    I hope to see more work from you as I find it very interesting. 


  2. Hey! sorry for my late thank yous.

    Yes, I noticed there was some movement when I was working on it.


    I don't usually mean to make optical allusions, but since I make a lot of patterns they just appear on their own.


    Thank you all for stopping by.:toof:


    Oops! Seerose, I'll be back tomorrow to give you a rep.:grin:

  3. Congratulations BarbieQ! :grin: Knew yours was a winner soon as saw it.

    (And I was having such a hard time coming up with the next theme)


    MJW, such a striking image. Congrats to you for your 3rd place win.


    Spooky images all, wish we had more voting choices.


    Thanks Drew for putting up with us. :toof:

  4. This was a 2AM image posting.

    I hadn't posted anything yet this year and I was playing around just checking how this new forum worked here in the pictorium. I had another image posted and I decided to move it to the top of this thread and discovered I couldn't just delete what I had just posted without replacing it with something. So, this was just going to be a place marker. I should know better than to try to do any thinking in the middle of night.:roll:




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  5. Thank you fellas. EER set me right, he understood that I was basing my answer on my wrong thinking that Whirl was trying to run PDN 4.0.12 with Windows xp. I see now that what I was looking at was the name of the image that he was trying to save.


    I can be a bit terse myself. Whirl was probably quite taken aback by my answer.


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