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  1. I'm missing something. If didn't use up all my votes in past comps, I use to be able to go back and vote again. Is that possible now?
  2. Thank you ReMake. Well, That it does.
  3. I'm not getting a zipped file or a dill with download, just some file with a bunch of numbers and letters.
  4. Congrats to the winners. Congrats to lynxster4 for your new (to me) position :^)
  5. Hello all. I was going to post a few picts. Arghhh
  6. Hey Drew, Sorry to hear of your loss.
  7. LionsDragon, Thank you, you made me laugh. Yes, it may come to that.
  8. Hi! Beta, welcome back. When I posted above I think I had been gone for a while too. Life gets in the way. Guess what I was trying to say is I like your style. I've made a ton of textures, but not really thought of them as "art". I do use them as added interest to some works. I hope to see more work from you as I find it very interesting.
  9. Hello max, I love your idea. Dragon scales. Better than ric rac.
  10. Hey! sorry for my late thank yous. Yes, I noticed there was some movement when I was working on it. I don't usually mean to make optical allusions, but since I make a lot of patterns they just appear on their own. Thank you all for stopping by. Oops! Seerose, I'll be back tomorrow to give you a rep.
  11. Fantastic subject, hope someone can solve the problem.
  12. Glad you and yours came through this without any damage.
  13. Whoa! Your texture merger still life is gorgeous. While I'm here, I really like your sig also. Love the splashes on the waves.
  14. Congratulations BarbieQ! Knew yours was a winner soon as saw it. (And I was having such a hard time coming up with the next theme) MJW, such a striking image. Congrats to you for your 3rd place win. Spooky images all, wish we had more voting choices. Thanks Drew for putting up with us.
  15. This was a 2AM image posting. I hadn't posted anything yet this year and I was playing around just checking how this new forum worked here in the pictorium. I had another image posted and I decided to move it to the top of this thread and discovered I couldn't just delete what I had just posted without replacing it with something. So, this was just going to be a place marker. I should know better than to try to do any thinking in the middle of night.
  16. Thank you fellas. EER set me right, he understood that I was basing my answer on my wrong thinking that Whirl was trying to run PDN 4.0.12 with Windows xp. I see now that what I was looking at was the name of the image that he was trying to save. I can be a bit terse myself. Whirl was probably quite taken aback by my answer.
  17. Looks like you need to upgrade your computer. Here are the system requirements. http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/SystemRequirements.html
  18. Nitenurse, I think I have every canvas I put a mark on. LOL,
  19. My tree: branches brushes by hawksmont, www.brusheezy.com Pumpkins are copies of one I made from this tutorial:
  20. Brilliant! Love what you've done and the way you have the light shining through the glass. Going to have to revisit Ella's glass tutorial myself.
  21. Hi Have it playing on VLC media player. Smooth transitions.
  22. What Drew said and anyway you want it. Sorry for the confusion, I was feeling a little groovy. ****************************** I'm helping my daughter with a Power Point presentation, so I'm not going to have a entry this round. Good luck to all.
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