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  1. Congrats to all the winners. And to all that entered a big hooray and may you enter the next contest. It really is more fun/interesting with lots of players. Thanks lynxster
  2. 80 degrees F Lovely warm summer weather ice cream lollypops
  3. Whoa, thank you all. I like to remember my birthday the next day. Then I can smile, oh ya, it was yesterday. Thought I had it. I do have one of his with the statue of liberty made of words.
  4. Congrats winners. Good job to all that entered.
  5. Hello! As always, love your art. Like the boat scene, Inside Outside. Impossible in PDN, is it? Whoa the first image...what a train ride.
  6. Congrats Pixey. Your entry is so delicate looking. Liked everyone's entries. Thanks lynxster.
  7. After seeing Pixey's melty cheese and veggie tidbits, I gave up on mine. I do want to try this comp. Please keep it going.
  8. I have a screen grab of the tutorial "Detailed Aged Parchment" - now in the Tutorial Graveyard. If anyone wants to repost. I'm missing, I think, two images.
  9. Hi, interesting plugin and interesting images above. But...The base of this spline bottom here isn't tucked under the spline base next to it. I see it most clearly in fill mode and when there is overlap. Can this be fixed?
  10. @toe_head2001 Thanks for letting me know this. Thought 'Report Post' was for spam and such stuff.
  11. jchunn's zip file needs to be made readable.
  12. Pictures are missing in first post.
  13. Congrats to Seerose on the coin toss. Congrats to everyone on their wins. Great job everyone...
  14. Hello Pixey, that was Color Distort, Remake had me type in the name.zip.
  15. Tutorial in English doesn't go to the tutorial.
  16. Thanks toe_head, I'm on a learning curve.
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