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  1. Just love this last set of pictures, the last one especially with the fish in the tree.
  2. Going to call mine a work in progress compared to some that are posted here. I made my center hole after I flattened my image. Very good tutorial, learned a few new things and it was easy to follow. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Hi, Still rockin and a boppin? You owned Clipwarp for a while when I was here last. Did some really nice images with it. Your use of Clipwarp on the London Underground is very interesting. Your image in 3-D glasses is one of the best guy image I've seen and Frozen Face looks to be a kindhearted brute. Good job with that. I guess summertime is a busy time for you. Still like to see more from you.
  4. Watching the video I suddenly thought of my folk's vacation photos. Weekend project.
  5. Hi, you still around? Hope so. So interesting putting texture with your drawings: the Girl and Fluf Creature are really good. I have use textures, but not in the way you have done. I would have never guessed that the bird drawing at Image Shack started out as a line drawing. And I love the yellowy green in your sig.
  6. @Red ochre, Wolf spider? Gorgeous! No... I really would like to resize to a smaller window. For me it's like having a giant screen TV in a closet. I also have multiple windows open and such a large window is hard to move around. No disrespect, I really like what this plugin does.
  7. Font used: Railway to Hells: http://www.dafont.com/railway-to-hells.font
  8. Hi Just like to say it again. Your images they seem to just get better and better. Some, like the two above are beautiful.
  9. I think I've mentioned before how solid and real the heart looks in Heartland. Love Dark and Stormy. And Simply Love is so crisp and clean.
  10. @ Maximilian. I really like the idea of alien butterflies. And I really think I need new glasses.
  11. I like what I did. I was seeing faces in the one above. I have another that looks like sticks tied together for maybe fencing or a hut. I like the hard lines. Another fav plugin from you. Thanks.
  12. Wow!! All these voters. All these potential comp entrants!! Congrats to Maximilian for 2nd, love the way the flowers(?) are flying around like that. Barbieq, that's a scary sight to see a motorcycle all on fire. Well done to ALL that did enter. I'll suggest something easy. Come on let's all play. Thanks Pixey for taking over for Chimay
  13. Love the softness of the images above. But I took a wrong turn I think by staying up too late at night.
  14. Hi The bottom section nodules(?) should be rounded over like the ones up top - not pointy. Making the image larger I don't think will help. But there is another problem. I upgraded PDN this morning and now I can't reach the controls along the bottom. Connection ?, don't know.
  15. Thank you. I liked that movie. My picture looks blurrier than when I posted it. Is this something I'm doing wrong? This is my second try doing this. The bottom half of the image isn't smooth like the top. The image is regular 800x600 pixels, if this can be fixed I'd like to get it enlarged and hung on my wall. Thank you
  16. There are so many good examples above. This was my first try and a complete surprise as to what it was going to look like. A lot of fiddling, but invert height map got the tall building shapes. Techno, I really like that you posted the moon texture example. Now I see I can plan for a certain outcome by making my own. Thanks for making the plugin.
  17. This was much easier to make than that bouncing head. It's such a good thing you're doing here. Thanks so much.
  18. OK, I put several more layers in for the bounce. it isn't so abrupt now. Thank you for the suggestion.
  19. Thanks Pixey for your tutorial. Thanks to all who liked my gif and I know it's a little rough. Everyone has some great examples. Gave me confidence to give it a try. @ Midora: i did try for another face just before the bounce, but it somehow wasn't looking right. I'll try again.
  20. Hello there. This was just hiding away.Thought I'd dredge up some of the old tuts that I like. Nice to be back. I'll try not to be gone so long next time.
  21. Guess we didn't have to link to stock used?
  22. Used Metallize to change colors and Donut distortion for added interest. Fun, quick and easy tutorial. Thanks...
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