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  1. Just downloaded with no problem Just make sure your popup blocker is turned on and/or up to date.
  2. Hi, I think your guy looks like the Predator. I've just spent a good hour or two roaming through your thread and PB, back and forth. It's time to write something, PB is down giving me a cat hanging on the side of a chair or something. Fantastic landscapes you made with the Third Dimension plugin, the one with the two statues and prehistoric animals give a feeling both of a young world and ancient civilization. Love the feeling it gives me. Juxtaposition maybe. Also like your self built scenes, like the factory, street curb with cigarette butts and the train engine at the bottom of the first post. They are so well put together. You have mentioned a few times what PDN means to you and I feel lucky also to have found PDN and this forum also. I probably would be playing computer Solitaire if not for that. Great stuff.
  3. Hi, I made a mug. Thought I'd show it off and the heart. They are both made with the new Shape Maker plugin. The cat was borrowed from another picture. It's made with the ellipse and line tools. I know what you are really thinking about my choice of colors. Don't wince to hard. The link will take you up top. http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/27810-doughtys-ok-i-got-another-handfull/?p=403967
  4. Congrats to us that won and to all of us that entered. I'm going to do my best not to get banned. So some of you might want to help me out by entering the next comp. Thank you Pixey
  5. Hi, just getting around to checking this one out. I've only enlivened this rather boring image up a little. Liked that I can break up the straight lines. Haven't tried to make anything from scratch yet.
  6. Hi, I for one couldn't ask for more. This is just perfect. I was wondering if Droste was going to be officially introduced to the public. I hope it is well received.
  7. Amazing! And to be able to move center. Wow! Toe_head2001: Thank you so much for reworking this plugin. I'm sure it will be more useful and easier for Paint.Net users than the way it was. Eli that reminds of the...https://www.google.com/search?q=time+tunnel&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0CAgQ_AUoAmoVChMIs76-hejJxwIVB0KSCh018QGl&biw=1141&bih=955
  8. Fringes? I'll try to answer any question you have in the discussion thread. You can find the link above at the bottom of the competition rules.
  9. Nice tutorial, had a few minor hiccoughs that I got over easily. Thanks for writing this and I like your color choices they work very well together, got them saved for my future use. I think I got enough cables, chains, screws and enough metal looking bits and pieces to make something out of it all. Some good looking posted images above. Sand33P, yours is especially nice.
  10. No problem, I was just seeing what this MultiSpline could do. I love this "flat" look and and have been using it on every blurred b&w that I have. The image above was the last thing I did yesterday. Planing on trying a few more. I like certain spiders and will help them out of the house and of course all bees. Lucky you didn't get stung.
  11. I Seismographed a cat a few years ago and tried to replicate the look with MultiSpline, but it didn't pick up the colors of the cat like Seismograph did. I really like the effects I the can get from this plugin. Thank you.
  12. Hello, silly me I did see that. I find that it is impossible to move the natural foreground of an image back to the bottom of the picture with the Droste plug-in. In the posted picture this is what I see when opening Droste. I like it, but I want to be able to move the right hand side of the image to the bottom. Abstracts didn't seem to matter so much what the bottom is. I thought if I could click a checkbox the bottom of the picture would stay put. Is something like that possible. Writing this I see that it may be just the way this plug in works. Vertical. Need the before? Thank for answering.
  13. Good job Pixey, I was trying to do Yellowman's Wall Light a few days ago. Thank you all for doing your bit at bringing this back.
  14. I have the plug-in that is posted in first post and only just discovered that eight posts down there is a newer version. This has been here since Dec. 2007. Will it ever be an official plug-in? My request is to be able to anchor at least one side of an image. Not sure if this will work with aligning landscapes or my wanting people standing right side up while everything else is swirled. Clunky but can be a fun. Interesting outcomes.
  15. I have an old dll that crashed PDN and I also download the dll that didn't show up. I tested the one you just posted, it isn't quit the same, but that can be due to so many other things I understand that. I'm about to try a tutorial to see what happens. Thank you so much for just seemingly just throwing one together.
  16. Well...thanks for replying. There are a few tutorials that had depended on this plug-in.
  17. Is it possible and would anybody be willing to make this excellent plug-in work in Paint.net 4.0.6? Thank you for any consideration.
  18. Hi This one made me laugh, not because it's pink. Love the page curl with the minions hiding out.
  19. Hi, Nice tutorial, now I'll have to try to make an apple and maybe a plum. Thanks for writing this.
  20. Funny how just adding a few rain drops to a flower will make it prettier. Big impact and easy to do. Knowing how to do this will come in handy I'm sure. Thanks for posting. Comment: I found BoltBait's Inner Shadow in Effects>Selection. So I ran that first then deselected to add Drop Shadow. I also lightly erased the top of some of the drops by setting the hardness level on one.
  21. I only have backyard bird knowledge. Nothing as elegant as an Eagle has ever stopped by. Had a Pileated Woodpecker pound on my trees the first few years I lived here. Fascinating bird in his own way. Thanks for posting.
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