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  1. Hello man, and thank you for this pack. Please answer, why i coudn't see icons of plugin in PDN? Not everywhere but for example in the column "Color" "The Mirror", in columnStylize-seismograph, even where ... Just not yet done, although they do not needmuch!
  2. Please can you make tools=> Brushes for painting, another i mean, not for moving, changing- only for painting... thx.
  3. A smoother, as if applying for a flag to quietly smoothly poured?
  4. Good day, comrades! I am very pleased with your program and I think its individual contribution to society. Especially greet diligence in its design and accessibility to people! I really hope its productive development, and more! And I share the expectation that they will develop new levels of program and output itin principle to new levels.! _______ Please Take a serious reflection on the proposal term development of an additional set of tools and optimizing the implementation of their "host" environment. Already there are good tools to pirochild, enter them into the base of their locationand optimize to the following versions and in the next version ... _______ Thank you I hope my request podderzhut and it does not remain without attention. With a big hello to you from the Ukraine and with best wishes. Sincerely, Paul.
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