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  1. As stated, this is something have never seen before. I was wondering if there was anything this would do other than just magnifying a very small area. I can't see any purpose in that tool, and I wasn't sure if all it was, was a magnifier.
  2. Alt+A did something I have never seen before, See the attached screenshot, I have a magnifying box appear, what is the purposeof that? I figured out what you mean though, I have to press Alt then A to bring up the adjustments menu then cycle through the functions with repeated keystrokes. To get to Curves I need to press C 5 times.
  3. I know nothing about the programming, but it seems counterintuitive to take away shortcuts, especially ones that have been around for as long as those have. I could understand if they had been swapped so those combinations of buttons would now do something else, but they don't. How many shortcuts are there? I can't see that many in the menus. Using combinations of CTRL, Shift, Alt and A-Z there has to be more than a few hundred available.
  4. This makes me sad and has slowed me down so much. So often I would use the shortcuts for Black & White, Brightness/Contrast, Curves and Hue/Saturation. Would it not have been possible to create more shortcut keys?
  5. Nice to make your acquaintance. Thank you Maximilian for the information I may have to post links to all my pieces as I tend to make them big. and Red ochre thanks for all the fantastic plugins. The rainbow spiral was created with Sumo paint, which I bought just for the amazing gradient functions although I haven't used it much for over a year now. I did read the rules about this being a paint.net forum so let me be clear I do use Pshop and Sumo but only for a small number of functions that Paint.net does not do for me quite as good. I would go so far as saying 97% of all my time i
  6. No idea how to get a picture in here so here's a link. http://s172.photobucket.com/user/Dazzahh/media/Paint%20Dot%20Net/14%20WMM%20FLT%20B16_zpssgrook9e.png.html
  7. Beer... Should I stick to those I know or go for something new?

  8. I am loving what people are doing with this add-on. Hi By the way. I haven't been very active in the forums here so far. I can't even see how to post an image in the thread just yet... Let me see what all these buttons do.
  9. Unseasonal cool weather and rain for the last week...

  10. Hi Drydareelin First let me make it obvious that I am not trying to sound snarky or anything OK? I have found it very easy to upset people in print which is one of the reasons I avoid forums of any sort. I did not know that the main programme is only one person, when I stumbled across this programme maybe 4 years ago it sounded to me like it was devloped by a community (so I guess that part just refers to the plugins am I right?) I am not very tech savvy and despite being using this programme for more than a couple years now I am definitely not getting the full potential out of it
  11. This is my very first comment on the paint forum. I just came here for the purpose of seeing if this has driven the users crazy like I thought it would but this is the only discussion I can find about it and no one seems to have noticed it, I am surprised. How infuriating is this problem? VERY. I have been using this for more than a couple years so my fingers fly over the keys to carry out the functions and this is slowing me down considerably. It isn't just the shortcut keys I find that switching from one layer to another used be be a single click of the mouse and now that ha
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