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  1. My bug is actually also present in pre-4.0, but I'll post it anyway: When you make a selection with your left mouse button, you can also press the right mouse button to drag the selection (which is a neat little easter egg). However, if you let go outside of the window, paint.net thinks you are still pressing your left mouse button causing your selection to change shape if you move your mouse around although you aren't pressing any mouse anymore.
  2. With "Rectangle select", you select a part of the image by simply dragging with the left mouse button. However, after you have selected an area, you can add the right mouse button to move the selection until you let go of the buttons. However, when doing so, if your cursor ends up outside of the Paint.NET window (you drag down and your cursor ends up in the taskbar), the selection will keep on following the cursor until you press both mouse buttons. I currently run Windows 7 64 bit SP1, but I think this happens on all operating systems.
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