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  1. And along those same lines... Autumn Peace...
  2. Next.... I call this one 'Angel Sin'
  3. Here is my "Firewithin" redone I added some gaussian blur to the models as suggested and added the skeleton in the forground, hope you like it! (oh and made it smaller for this forum! 800x600)
  4. Thank you! my sig came from a desert pic my bro took several years ago, and i brought it up and did a little stretching and added the lightning:)
  5. no hun you just need to know how to use the client for developing, Thank goodness for PDN. i am completely self taught. it is not hard and is very repetitive, I really love doing it, it is an escape from reality everyone needs at some point. lol Thanks for your input! and I am glad you like my sig! ps in order to be a developer for imvu you need only to own your avatar name...
  6. ok got ya... trying to be unobtrusive...my banner dont work is all....apparently niether does this forum since i posted twice! lol first one didnt show at all til i added the second one....
  7. lol ok got ya.... just trying to figure out whats wrong with my banner... any ideas??
  8. I am having problems linking my signature with my product page . I have a banner but it dont seem to want to work... am i doing something wrong?
  9. nice! will give it a try! very good tut! i have read a few and usually i am lost right away but i was able to stay with this one! lol Thanks again!
  10. Thanks! I am going to look at Aislins tut. i love working (playing) with PDN! The plugins ROCK! it is a hundred times easier to use then my paintshop pro! (the layering in psp is really hard, where PDN is simple to use!) Thanks again for your input! I love creating new pics!
  11. thanks i will have a look... Until now i am totally self taught lol i add plugins then check em out! I love my paint.net.use it everyday for something. i have found myself with as many as 45 layers lol. I have corel paintshop pro, but i rarely use it and only to make one color transparent. (yes i know paint.net has a plugin for that but i seem to have lost it! will go back to the plugin forum and find it again lol.) thanks again for your help! wanders off to find your tutorial....
  12. Thank you Helen! was Barbieq25's idea to add the Dolphins
  13. ok np I read your rules but got a bit confused, but now i know! will link em if over 800x800
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