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  1. Okay, now I'm confused. I haven't been on in a long time, but now all of a sudden my gallery is Hougesen's Gallery? What's going on?
  2. Thanks so much! Again, though, I can't take all the credit. It was based off of a tutorial.
  3. This is mine. I used :AllColorChannels: Conditional Hue/Saturation :Plugins: to make it rainbow.
  5. Ok then. Not sure how a face would remind you of Pringles, but OK!
  6. People, I have a question, what should I make? I have designers block. No, not that type of block.
  7. Ty! I worked hard on that. 5 whole minutes! Anyway, thanks 4 the info. I just hope that they bring it back up. I'm tired of the profile silhouette! I like to put emotes. Notice how those were all rainbow-ized. Now, can I get some feedback on the following end-er? -LeeLaz2008.net :foaf:
  8. Idk how to. And, also, how do you have a photo?
  9. Oh, dang it, I meant the photo. I have an avatar, not a photo. Why are the photos disabled?
  10. Hey, I feel you. Here's my life, everyday. Wake up, eat, work, work, eat, work, work, extra work, check YouTube inbox, watch video for 10 secs, check inbox again...continued... eat, shower, bed. Done. My life feels empty, too. But the one thing that ALWAYS cheers me up: eating a big bowl of nachos. They work EVERY time! (Oh, great, now I'm hungry! WHERE'S THE QUESO?!)
  11. can't think of a witty line to put here.

  12. Thank you for your feedback! I'm a bit of a newbie, but I'm trying by best! You seem like a knowledgeable member, any ideas why my Profile Avatar is never accepted, even when it's only 10x10?
  13. Here's mine. I used some additional plug-ins to make the background, and added a true blur to the shadow. COOKIE MONSTER!
  14. Dude, how do you get animated emotes?
  15. Ty. Also, I don't have Effects->Blurs->Smooth. help?
  16. Wow, thanks. I worked hard on them. But I can't take all the credit for the water texture. Mayor_McSteeze created a tutorial for it. I just added a bit of something to it... I think. I also think that the blue-eating-green thing is kind of like my sig. It's always there, whether it's appropriate or not!
  17. Question... what is Shape 3D? I don't have it...
  18. Here's mine. It's called Swatch Palette! Swatch Palette.txt
  19. Well, when I try I can still further liquidify the frozen part. It doesn't seem to be "protecting" at all. Now, blue guy will eat green guy.
  20. Thanks! Keep an eye out, because this forum will be updated everytime I make a picture worth posting! Now, for your enjoyment, I will now make a blue guy try to eat the face of a green guy.
  21. This is my first picture gallery, so I will try my best here! First, my phone ad! I'm proud of it! Now, for my water texture: Now for my dancing cheese! Now, MAH SMILEH! it's kind of big. Now, my improved paint.net logo (my sig) This one wasn't really made in Paint.net. I made it before I knew about Paint.net. But I like it! Fire Puffle! I also made a happy box. planet go BOOM! Here is my sketchy waterfall (cannot take all the credit for this either) Please leave feedback on how I did!
  22. WHAT displacement?! There is no displacement effect, or anything like that! Please, explain! If it is a plug-in, which plug in would it be?
  23. I have a question about the "liquify" effect: What the HECK is the freeze supposed to do?!
  24. This is mine. I think it came out pretty well!
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