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  1. Here's a couple I did. The first attempt, Mr Jerry Lewis: And the second attempt (at someone's request), Mr Pee Wee Herman:
  2. OK, so I went all out and combined a few things and created this (thanx for the 3D lettering tutorial): Utilizing another tutorial for the metal finish, once I had the plaque constructed, I then cleared the center, saved it as a .gif then imported it over the metal center that you now see, which was shaped using the alpha thingy (lol). It probably would've been a tad better if the dark bottom and light top were inverted to more closely coincide with the outline though.
  3. I liked what he started out with, but decided I would deviate quite a bit but stick with the heart on the parchment and I created this: Yes, I know it doesn't utilize all the things his tutorial did. Sorry
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