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  1. I'm using latest IcoCur.zip v4.0.1 with Paint.net v4.0.10. When I open an ico file with several images all of them are given with proper color depths (32-bit, 8-bit). When I save this ico file and reload it again all color depths are reset to 32-bit (so there are two 32x32 images with color depth 32-bit, and two 16x16 images with color depth 8-bit). How do I persist color depths of each image in ico file?
  2. The "cancel save" bug is not fixed yet. Any chance it will be fixed if I wish for it really hard? It bit me several times.
  3. The fill tool fills everything with one color. So, instead of shades of green I would have only one green, and the rest that is not filled, and this is not what I want. Color Replacer gives me what I want.
  4. No need to learn script lab tricks just yet. I found plugin Color Replacer (yeah, I know), which can be used in my case when option "Keep color distance" is checked.
  5. I tried Grim Color Reaper plugin, and either I don't know how to use it or it does not do what I need. All I was able to manage was to remove black altogether. I tried to fiddle with layers already, but then I lose alpha channel. Background becomes green where I want it to remain invisible. I tried to save the script code above into .sls file and load it in script lab, but I get "Error loading script" message. Maybe I need to know more about scripts, so I'll investigate. In the mean time, is there some other plugin that can help me here?
  6. I have an icon that has only colors between black and white and an alpha channel. I would like to replace the black part into, say, green, so that icon has color range from green to white, and retains its alpha channel. Adding one opaque green layer and fiddling with blend modes did not produce results, because then transparency is gone. Recolor tool is close, but does not recolor all pixels, even when tolerance is set to 100%. This task should be easy, but I gave up after two hours of trying. What should I do?
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