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  1. thanks for all your comments,if it is possitiv or not.it show me the interresting in my picture i didnt thought that my picture with the stars is so difficult to see. if you got a prob. to see it, i show you one of the negatives.
  2. hi again,i was try a little bit of paint.net,and try something new for me.see yourself it shows my girlfriend and my cat
  3. check out my newest picture,i hope it is good as it shuld be
  4. i use this link in different sice to upload url=http://show.picr.de/10053855oj.ipg.html img http://thumbs.picr.de/10053855oj.jpg /img url i dont use ) and ] to show it to you.
  5. i use this link to upload in different sice http://up.picr.de/10053724vh.jpg[/img
  6. now i try it again and it is the same anwser The server could not be contacted.
  7. now i´ll try to change the signature photo,and if try it the programm say :The server could not be contacted. what did i wrong
  8. really good looking picture.the way you show the planets is really awsome.the last picture seems like a warpzone wich is eating a planet(in my mind it has to look like this ) often pictures of planets show only the nice site of the space with his colours and lights.but i see in your picture often some kind of dark looking.and if i thing how big the space is,it could be very scary or better mysterious.
  9. i gonna try thx,maybe it work.should register me their to upload?
  10. thx for the nice comments!!! next time ill try to make it in 1600x1200 so i can make more details. and thx for the tips,but i try to upload it as png and jpeg:( and my picloader programm couldnt load a png:/.
  11. thanks,the details not as good as they shuld.the light points in the dark are streetlamps and two camper on a fire.i call it light island.and my beautifull castle is very difficult to see:(.when i paint on the programm it was really much better to see .:/and i dont know why i cant upload it in a better quality.
  12. here is my first picture wich i am try to paint wich a few layer.it was completly new for me,but now i think i understand a little bit more how to use layer(a little bit:roll: )the quality isnt as good after upload,and i dont know why.normaly it is a little bitter sharper,especially the details:(. i hope it is not as bad:)and i change a little bit of my last pic,because i use the there layer to to make the sharpnes a little bit lighter.
  13. Really amazing looking picture!! it seems to me like a globe to another world.for me it's the best of your work!!!
  14. ah ok thats the reason.thanks for the help guys.
  15. i try to change my personal photo of my signatur,but the system says that the image is too big.i change the pic on 150x150 but it doesnt work.what are the problem?
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