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  1. @toe_head2001 How do I tag my plugin threads? I would like to tag my thread as *Source Code *Open-Source.


    The latter is to imply people don't really need permission to fork my filters and make their own version.

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    2. Reptillian


      Ok, in that case, I would go with CeCILL v2.0 as that what I agreed to when submitting codes to gmic-qt projects. GPL-compatible. Maybe there should be a thread about this, but as far as I know, I'm the only one that requested a explicit tag that tells others that they are allowed to work with my code without my permission with attribution required.

    3. toe_head2001


      Well, tags are meant to be used as a way to find similar content. In this sense, if your post is the only one with a CeCILL v2.0 tag, then there's not much point to it. You can just add the license specifics to the post body.

      But, if you really want the tag, I'll add it.

    4. Reptillian


      Ok, I'll just add the license specifics to the post body, then. Thank you anyway.

  2. I have a question for you, do you plan to leave comments for other programmers using other programming language or software to understand how your filter works? As in, leaving note on the source codes you're planning to release? Something like a base documentation and how the underlying math works, so that other programmers can find the most effective route if there's a way to simplify them.

    1. Xhin


      I wrote an article that does some of that:



      I would like to make a longer more fleshed-out article whenever the polar group of plugins is more fleshed-out.

    2. Reptillian


      Okay, thanks. I'll be using that article when I do finish some of the filters I need to fix.

  3. Construction Material Texture filter is now at G'MIC. I know when I told you they're available, it means it's there, but it wasn't there as I forgotten a few GUI code, and I apologize for that. Added it, and the filter should show up under Testing -> Reptorian after you update using the spinning arrow button.

    1. lynxster4


      Thank you, @Reptillian   Much appreciated!  :)