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  1. Nice effect with the shapes & the colours are good too. The only thing that detracts is the single pixel line of white near the colours. To prevent this it is better to select the outside of the shape to fill, fill it on a new layer & Gaussian Blur it or use AA Assistant. Or you could run a small Drop Shadow In just the black outline. I do like the background too. The silvery grey with the black is very dramatic. 

    ok thanks!

  2. Matt, what language do you speak? We are not permitted to use our native language here (unless it is English ;) ) Google translate does not always work very well. Reading in another language is easier than writing it or even speaking it. 


    Welshy, I am glad you made the comment because now we know :D


    Matt, use the smileys to leave a comment if you like. 

    I speak german...

    and you have right, its tricki :smile:

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