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  1. You have very nice pictures :-) Keep it up!
  2. The problem is that i use a low resolution in the gallary ...... The original file looks better :-)
  3. The Last work is very nice :-) I like the colors and the highlights! Great !
  4. The first picture - Actually i wanted paint a celtic sun , but it comes this out :-) I paint with my feeling ...... Tanks for your comment :-)
  5. Ok :-) You know a many about Art! Tanks for your post :-)
  6. the new image is very cool:) i like the abstract touch....
  7. sorry for my late answer...... @barbieq thanks:) i have use a asmageddon tool.. @helen thanks so much... i´m so happy about your comments - thanks:)
  8. thanks:) is a good idea with the buissnes garment....
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