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  1. Thanks for the explanations. I figured you wouldn't be interested in cluttering the interface for this, it's ok, I was just offering just in case. While 0% value is black and 100% value is a saturated color. 0% lightness is black and 100% lightness is white, with 50% being a saturated color. The advantage for me is that it maps closer to the way I come up with of colors. It's almost the same though, so it's no biggie, just a matter of preference, I wouldn't say that HSL is superior to HSV or anything like that, maybe there are some advantages to HSV I'm missing. Cheers.
  2. Paint.NET 3.36 has an open source license.
  3. Well, if I wanted to redistribute this it wouldn't be called Paint.NET obviously. I don't understand the part about not being able to distribute binaries. I can take the MIT licensed code of 3.36, build it, name it something else and redistribute it (not on your forum of course) as long as I keep your copyright information, correct? I'm not planning on doing this, I was just offering you a patch, but since you brought it up I would like to understand it. I like to think that I understand open source licenses and this confuses me a tad.
  4. Aah, that makes sense then. Thanks for the clarification.
  5. Yeah no worries, this is something I did for myself because I'm used to HSL, I was just offering a patch. Also, this is based on 3.36 which is MIT licensed, so I could share if I wanted, right? Just curious. Cheers.
  6. So in the end I made this for myself on the latest available source code. I could add a switch to let users select HSL or HSV. I offer again cause Rick said "Nope" and I don't know if he meant that he didn't plan to do it or that he didn't want a patch or both. I figure it's the latter but I thought I'd ask just in case. I'm gonna be using this myself if it isn' wanted, with the downside of being stuck to an old version. Cheers.
  7. Hey, I was offering a patch. I'm a coder. And I know that's a bad thing to say, I contribute to open source projects myself. I wouldn't say it if I wasn't offering to do it. Also I'm not talking about removing HSV, just adding an option to change it to HSL. And for those asking "Some advantages of HSL are that it is symmetrical to lightness and darkness (which is not the case with HSV for example)" from http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-color/ . But in general it's just that it's just simpler. Also, since windows uses it in the standard color picker dialog, some people are used to it (like me). Bu
  8. Hey there. I'm a big fan of the HSL model (hue saturation lightness) as opposed to the HSV (hue saturation value) model. I'm gonna be teaching a person to use paint.net and I find HSV kinda hard to explain. I also find it easier to explain how to create color schemes if one thinks in HSL terms. I was wondering if there are plans to include this model in the color dialog or to include an option to change it. If not, would a patch be welcome to add this option, I really would like this and it would be trivial to do. Cheers!
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