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  1. Yes, I draw on paper too. I can do a good drawing when looking at a reference image, but unfortunately I can't draw well from memory.
  2. @Aislin: your painting is beautiful, i especially like the details in the eyes and the teeth. This is my first artistic image created in pdn. In the following days I will try to add some shading and a background. I followed tutorial to draw the wolf. Full size image: My link
  3. All shape tools Currently the mouse cursor hides a portion of the shape you are currently drawing. For example in the screenshot above you can't see where the red line will end. Suggenstion: hide the mouse cursor when you click and hold down your mouse button to draw a shape. Line/curve tool 1. If the handles are close to each other you don't know which handle will be selected. Suggestion: when you hover over a handle show the default cursor ()instead of the "open hand cursor" and highlight the actual handle that is under your cursor (make the other 3 handles semi transparent when you
  4. The artifacts that appear on the outside of the Line/Curve, Ellipse and Rounded Rectangle can be removed by setting the pen's LineJoin property to Round. I think this will get rid of the "small lump" too. Before: http://i.imgur.com/tQD9R.png After: http://i.imgur.com/j02m0.png Unfortunately I don't know how to remove the artifacts that appear inside the shapes.
  5. Artifacts created with line/curve, rectangle, rounded rectangle, ellipse: The "expected shapes" were created in Visual Studio: http://i.imgur.com/JsBT2.png http://i.imgur.com/5osWQ.png http://i.imgur.com/JOLxk.png http://i.imgur.com/7TyCh.png
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