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  1. Yea, just download it again, i promise it will work
  2. he is also pretty famous, i see his posts almost everywhere i go.
  3. (This is TFPrime) TheHowler:Cool dude. There you go
  4. By the way the card is supposed to be moving to the left at a high speed.Like a dealer throws a card on the table in poker.Your sig is awesome, Sfifer.I like the kind of dusty effect and the shading that kind of overlaps the character.
  5. You think?I rather love it. Thanks for constructive criticism though.
  6. I have two accounts because i messed up my one and only post in the pictorium.
  7. (This is prime's alternate account, that he likes more) Rant:Nightmares suck.
  8. (This is TFPrime) Sharp, i love the color CHOICE but not really how it mixes.Somehow the gradient makes my mind messed.6/10
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