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  1. Crix, on my computer, once you open Abrviewer and preview the brushes, it saves them under Computer -> Downloads -> ABRViewerImages (which is a folder). I hope that helps a bit. If not, let me know and I can post some screenshots.

    What do you mean by preview the brushes? I don't know if I went to the right downloads or something, but I don't see a AVRViewerImages folder. All I see are:


    When I click computer it doesn't show me a downloads tab it only shows me this:


  2. Are you saying mine worked, but BoltBait's didn't?

    Try copying the files to your Desktop first, then to the Effects folder from there.

    Try clearing your browser cache then downloading the plugin set again.

    Try temporarily disabling antivirus software.

    Try using a different program to extract the files from the ZIP archive. I like 7-zip.

    Try running chkdsk /F from the command prompt

    And you can't unlock them while they're still in the archive. Only after extraction will the Unlock button MAYBE show up. If it's not there, it's not to be worried about.

    Well yes, your plugin pack worked, but BoltBait's didn't, except that any other packs that I try to put in the effects folder keeps popping up with an error.

    I tried clearing my browser cache and then downloading the plugin set again, but still didn't work.

    I tried disabling the antivirus software, still it didn't work..

    I downloaded 7-zip but I don't know how to extract the file from the ZIP archive.

    I don't know what to do on the last step.

  3. I don't know if it's possible, but maybe someone could make a tool like Color Picker, except it would be called Font Picker.. I don't know if it's been made for paint.net or not. I figure this would be hard, but here's how it would work:

    You'd take a screenshot from a site and select the letter of which you want the font from with the tool.


    It would then have you directly using the font that you "picked" from the letter in the screenshot


    If you don't have the font that you are trying to "pick" from the picture, a popup would come up telling you what font is being used inside the picture.


    And that's basically it..! Again, I haven't found anything like this on paint.net and I'm hoping someone would make a tool like this... It would really be helpful!

  4. Yes, I read the tutorial of how to install paint.net plugins. Though, I still have problems..I downloaded pyrochild's plugin pack and put it in the effects folder, ect. But when I try to put boltbait's pack inside the effects folder this window keeps coming up:


    And when I try to unlock the files, I don't find the "Unlock" button.


    Any advice to put other packs into the effects folder? :X

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