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  1. Hmm, okay I will look into this. I just was kinda curious.
  2. I was curious if there has been any attempts to write a plugin in C++? It appears the C# is used for plugin development primarily.
  3. I remember there is an older tutorial on how make ice the results were more realistic. Never mind it was never a tutorial, but some images made in PDN. You might ask ash how he made them.
  4. Will, be honset I did notice a bug in the plugin it crashes when I put the size down to 0.
  5. Noobz: 3 I like the color and the mood it produces and the color matches the character of hatsune miku. The green lantern seems a bit pixelated and the color seems a bit pale.
  6. I know that. That is a screen name of mine that I have used before. Omnipotent Geass.
  7. Well the vote if I were not counting my self would be for you Noobz.So now some one would need to challenge my sig correct since that is 3 for you.
  8. Entering with this. Stock images. Stock 1 Stock 2
  9. I am entering this sig. High Resolution Image: http://keith.pro/sig.png
  10. Here is mine. Spent 4 and half hours on this.
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