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  1. Thank you. Why does it have to be so complicated? Isn't this something that is often needed?
  2. Thanks. The version referenced in your link works. Mick Berg
  3. Hi I would like to use the NormalMapPlus plugin in Paint.net but it has an error and will not run. Does anyone know if this can be fixed? Thanks, Mick Berg
  4. That's pretty convoluted but i guess it would work! I got round the issue another way. Is this something someone might write a plug-in for? Thanks, Mick
  5. Sorry, I was unclear. I want to select a triangular area of the background layer, flip it horizontally, and then paste it in a different place on the background. Drydareelin, seems to me that you would want to rotate the second square 45 degrees to do what you suggest. Thanks, Mick
  6. Hi. How do I select a triangular shape? Thanks, Mick Berg
  7. The Normalizer is great but sometimes the normal map it produces seems to be transparent, ie is on a checkered background. Other times it works fine. 90% of the time I use it on .tga files with an alpha channel. Any idea what the problem could be? Thanks, Mick Berg
  8. Can you tell me how to get the manual for Normal Tools from Fileswap? Sorry to be so thick Mick Berg.
  9. Hi. None of my plugins are appearing in the Effects menu. They did appear once, then went away. I am confident I have everything right in the way of folders and "unblocking". Any suggestions? Thanks, Mick Berg.
  10. Fantastic! I was just about to request this, for use in correcting perspective in photos. The current Perspective plug-in does not work for me, so I always had to do it in GIMP which I can now uninstall . But I would agree with the poster who said we need an "Undo", at least one level, if not more. Great stuff, I will make a donation soon. Thanks, Mick Berg.
  11. Well there's my problem. I don't have "Tools" in the "Effects" menu. Hopefully you guys can help me out. Thanks, Mick Berg.
  12. Hi. I've attempted to install this but am not seeing it. For a start, where is it supposed to be in the GUI? I think I followed the (somewhat cryptic) instructions ok, and the two files are in the Effects folder, so I'm rather confused, and would appreciate help. Thanks, Mick Berg.
  13. Not sure if I should be posting a request for a plug-in here, but here goes, I'm looking for a plugin that would work like the array function in Blender or other 3d graphics programs. I'd like to be able to select something, and choose the number of repeats and the offset distance and x or y direction and the selection would be updated. Does it exist? I've found "Fill from Clipboard" but it's rather clumsy to use, as the selection has to be saved as an image, and the result is an image. Thanks, Mick Berg. mods if you want to move this to a different area feel free. thanks.
  14. I'm very happy with Paint.net, as its interface doesn't drive me crazy like PSP7 did. But I'm having one difficulty, sometimes I can't draw anything at all, and I can't work out what mode I am in that stops me from doing anything. I just have one layer, all very simple. I'd appreciate help! Thanks, Mick Berg.
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