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  1. Thank you and thank you for your patience. I saw a message on this forum saying that installation of the plug-ins was not intuitive. I hope you all can appreciate how exactly counter-intuitive it is to download a current zip file but to have to go back through 5 pages of a 4-year-old thread and copy a 2007 DLL file to go with it. While there were several text files in the zip file (and I read them all), there was no read me file, no instructions saying where or how to find the DLL or that it was okay to use the 2007 file or even that it was needed. Hopefully these last messages will help th
  2. What attachment in what original post? Do you mean an earlier version of the plug-in? I didn't think that I should download a 2007-2008 file since the program was updated in 2011 and the older versions are no longer supported. As I keep repeating, there IS NO DLL file in the download, so obviously, I can not put something I don't have anywhere.
  3. Yes, I've closed and opened Paint.net several times and downloaded and extracted several times. I downloaded from SourceForge and the OptiPNG site and neither download file has a DLL file in it.
  4. I realize this is an old thread, but I'm having the same problem with OptiPNG. I downloaded and extracted the files, put the exe file in the File types folder of Paint.Net, but there is no DLL file in the download and nothing happens. I assume that I should see an option under Save As...., but there is no change. I really have searched everywhere for an answer first.
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