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  1. Hi Elli, I would expect there may be an issue with your printer drivers on Windows 10. But because I will never switch to W10 (thanks to the policy of MS) I can't even guess if there is an other issue. Sorry.
  2. Released. See 'ZIP Archive' FileType Plugin (.ZIP)
  3. Thanks to Pratyush to remind me that there was no release yet. See Alternative to LayerSaver.
  4. 'ZIP Archive' FileType Plugin (.ZIP) Summary Loads/saves the content of a Paint.NET document (layers and metadata) from/to a compressed ZIP Archive. Each layer will be a separate file in the archive (or if the tiling feature is used a set of files where each file contains one tile). Several formats for the layer files are supported: PNG, BMP, GIF, and JPEG. Additionally a thumbnail and a composite image can be stored in the archive. Tiling of the image is possible. Save may chop up the layers into tiles and load will glue the tiles together to the original im
  5. What the hell happened with the Cancel button? ;-) Sorry for some reason OptionBasedLibrary 0.7.9 moved the button out of the dialog window. This happened a while ago but nobody complained ;-) So we have to update some tools like 'Parallel Lines and Pattern', 'Color Harmonies'... Back to topic. Thanks for the replies. Maybe an additional explanation: There are two basic internal operations used in image processing. One is the 'Color Matrix' used to manipulate single pixels and second the 'Convolution Matrix' used to build filters like emboss. Typically a user can not access these matr
  6. Because setting the alpha channel of the selection to opaque is not an unusual operation, I added a preset for this to the dialog and did some clean-up. Update: 1.1 (25.6.2015) - Added 'RGB (solid)' entry to set the alpha channel to opaque - Added column titles - Renamed the dll file. You have to remove the old ColorMatrix.dll/.dlc file !!! - Updated OptionBasedLibrary
  7. If it hangs then maybe this change - Printer tab: Added printer status and type information. Status message changes may be slow on some devices. It depends in most cases on the printer driver. may create a timeout problem with some network printer drivers. I know a Brother printer where the status change takes ten minutes. But it does not hang in the startup. The problem may be that it is not possible to provide a timeout to all the driver functions in C# you have to use managed code hacks to get to the underlying os functions. OptionBasedLibrary should not be involved in this issu
  8. Getting old, forgot this announcement yesterday. Version update: 1.1 (8.3.2015) - Replaced in 'File Infos' section the dpi values line with a line showing the physical size given in the metafile. - Use of virtual pixels to describe the device units in the meta file.
  9. Thanks Seerose. Little bit late for a coffee in Switzerland just now but there is a Monday morning near.
  10. Small update 1.6 (8.3.2015) - The Circle, square, dieamond, and hexagon shape use the center parameter. - The dialog can be resized. - The interference layer angle got the option to 'spread' the reference vector or to ' add' to the vector
  11. Updated the version in the first post to 0.2 Features on save dialog - Select format of embedded images: PNG, BMP, GIF, JPEG - Add thumbnail - Add Composite - Tiling of layers (W x H pixels). Load does not need a dialog in the moment. Be careful with the tiling feature. This is a kind of 3D tiling ;-) Assume you are saving a 3 layer image 800 x 600 with a tiling of 8 x 8 pixels. This will generate 3 * 100 * 75 = 22500 files in the zip. I would expect that this feature is useful just on flattened images. If you are generating a lot of tiles and the size field on top of the p
  12. No that's not really true. Irfanview can view .pdns (the composite image and the individual layers as a multipage image). And pdn2png.exe or pdn2bmp.exe command line tools can extract composite image or individual layer images from .pdns. All these tools do not require that Paint.NET or a dot net framework is installed. This is a developer section so you should not expect to get a final version. Especially if the developer is asking which features the users expect. The conflict I was talking about is a general issue of paint.net. 4.0.5 works better than older versions regarding this
  13. For sure I know ORA but I'm not looking for a replacement for it. A format like ORA has always the problem that not all applications are using the same features (i.e. blendmodes). An ImZip created zip including a paint.net document would always contain the same information as the equivalent .pdn file. So you could work just with the .zip instead of .pdn and still access the individual layers easily in the FileExplorer. -but the basic idea is to get a plugin which can be used instead of LayerSaver. Paint.NET FileType can't access the destination file or the location so I guess .zip is t
  14. Released. See 'ZIP Archive' FileType Plugin (.ZIP) --- Maybe some users are missing LayerSaver in 4.0. I created a filetype ImZip.FileType as an alternative to LayerSaver: ImZip.FileType v0.2.zip It saves and loads the pdn document as a zip archive which contains - a thumbnail png. - pngs of all layers (The filename of the pngs contain the layer index, name, visibility, blendmode and opacity. This is a test version. There are error checks missing and more. In the moment the layer attributes are coded in the filen
  15. Added description of the options used by the ImPDF.Save.FileType (including screenshots).
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