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  1. Can somebody help me here, when I try to run the installer it says that I do not have Paint.NET installed even though I can clearly see it is installed and fully functional. Why doesn't it detect Paint.NET on my computer?
  2. Wow, this is a great tutorial! This works perfectly for creating cool Youtube logos. This is my first try with the tutorial. I like it myself, but I probably shouldn't have added the outline to the motion blur part of the logo. I probably should have also started out with a larger picture first and then resized to a smaller one when I was finished, but oh well.
  3. I just started fiddling around with paint.net and I like this tutorial. It's easy for a beginner and get's you used to the program. Here's my try at a glass ball. I actually didn't realize until I got the image ready to upload that the dark part of the ball blurs outside of it, but whatever. I also think the outline isn't smooth enough, but hey it is my first try.
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