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  1. hey!! LOVe he tut!! This is my try. First though. http://i1217.photobucket.com/albums/dd384/Chella9300/Panal1.png
  2. It Works!! Thanx barbieq25. Oh and i also love your jewel tut, though its a bit too big for this post.
  3. This Tut is absolutely AMAZING!! I am struggling to get the red out of the edge of the butterfly. Any tips?? Like it??
  4. Chella9300


    Please do!! I think the ring there is absolutely AWSOME!! Hope i can learn from you.
  5. is paint.netting!! :P

  6. I Really like what you did here. It looks amazing!!
  7. Can i just say that instead of using the paintbrush you can find a color wheel, paste it on a new layer and re-size it to fit the pupil and the set the blending mode then to :Overlay: . Or To make a better effect, why don't you just : Gaussian blur: the colour layer with radius 2?
  8. Hello! I have been reading posts and tuts a lot on his site and i decide to finallly join in the funand to say hi, so hello!! :P

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