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  1. Cool tutorial, I tried it myself but the background flag didn't came as good as I wanted. Still the jewel look pretty good, I used Overlay Blending mode with 150 opacity. http://pic.mk/images/macedouvu.png
  2. I made this I made the Clouds in Shape 3D in a new layer and added it to the planet. It made it look kinda more realistic, with the clouds not "glued" with the planet. But I should have made the atmosphere first and and than add the clouds. Plus I made a little decoration with the Moon it didn't came exactly as I wanted but it still looks pretty good. http://pic.mk/images/earthwithm.png
  3. This is a pretty cool tutorial I added some colors in a new layer, than Gaussian blurred it to 100, changed the layer Blend to Overlay and this is what I got. It looked nice with Multiply to but I chose this one... It looks pretty nice http://pic.mk/images/galaxy.png
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