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  1. Hey Kemura you haven't mentioned how you damaged your knee but how is your riding position, when peddling your knee should be directly above your ankles if your knees are to close together or splayed out you will put unnecessary pressure on the ligaments. My sister used to suffer from a bad knee but once she sorted out her riding position it went away.

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  2. Not been here for most of 2013 ( No PC to use PDN on so decided to go cold turkey and cut myself off completely )only entered sig of the week (fruit) by mistake PDN is my home page on my Mums comp and was up there to cut down a tree for her but weather was so bad went on her computer instead :) Anyway just noticed this morning that I had won the sig of the year :O thanks to everyone who took the time to vote for me ant the awards in general and to all those other lucky winners.

  3. Tell me about it :(  Not to mention IT policies that Noah himself wrote.


    Slightly less darkly, but on the same subject as previously, who would have thought one of these would actually work?  http://www.freeantennas.com/projects/template2/  


    I can report a significant gain across the length of my home.   B)

    That reminds me of the old trick of putting the remote control for the central locking in cars to your head to double the working distance and it works.:)

  4. Had a play with it and feel it misses out on not being able to zoom in and out of the image as you are working on it.  Yes you can zoom in then activate the plug in but then it's harder to move the cursor to the correct spot even with the fine tuning.  For me the line tool is still the way to go especially if the image has a lot of curved edges.  Still well done on the plug in and all the rest you have given the community. :)

  5. Skullbonz - I like the added colour and the skulls on the end makes the metal parts look shinier, well done.


    Drew - Also a great entry but too similar to Welsh's


    Skullbonz - 1


    Drewdale - 1


    Also like the way Skulls text fits the contour of the barrel.

  6. Am I a Star Wars fan lets see.


    Original trilogy without extra scenes or effects on VHS

    Original trilogy with extra scenes and effects on VHS

    Original trilogy with extra scenes and effects on DVD

    Original trilogy with extra scenes and effects on BluRay


    Second trilogy on Bluray downloaded versions ( sorry but couldn't bring myself to pay for them )


    Also love Star trek ( Voyager and Enterprise being my favs )

    Stargate ( universe being my fav and later seasons of SG1 )


    Red Dwarf ( fond memories from teenage years ) Although rewatching them again the first 5 seasons are a bit hit and miss


    Doctor Who never got into it always seemed a bit childish/mainstream although I like the look of the new doctor and did watch the first of the new versions with Christopher Ecclestone.


    Looking forward to the new Star Wars hopefully Disney will do a better job than Lucas.





  7. Nice entries.


    Mottoman I feel your name gets lost on the background (maybe shouldn't of been so big height wise) otherwise a nice clean work.


    Welshblue Another fine sig you have there, can't find anything wrong with it and I am a little bit envious of it.


    Mottoman - 0


    Welshblue - 1


    Just after posting I found a fault, the base of the shadow gets cut losing the soft edge ;)

  8. I take it the frame has a transparent background ?


    1.Put the frame on the top layer and the picture on the bottom layer


    2.On the bottom layer use the blue arrow tool (Move) and hold down the right mouse button to rotate it


    3.Still using the blue tool click on one of the corner nubs and while holding down shift and resize it,so that the photo is bigger than the inside of the frame but smaller than the outside (The frame being on top will hide any overlaps )


    Posting both images would also help.

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