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  1. That wasn't the problem. It was silly me! LOL I thought it was like a jpg and you just opened it! Did not realize you had to put the file into the program like the dll's! Duh, so simple! I'll figure this program out again eventually! LOL
  2. I'm doing good Pixey. I hope all is well with you too! It's been way too long. LOL Hopefully now that I've installed PDN on my new laptop, I'll do more creating. For some reason my laptop won't open that type of file. I'll have my hubby check it out on the weekend for me. Maybe he can figure out how to get them to work. It says it's disabled on my laptop when I allow. If I don't allow, It just keeps popping up with the warning LOL I just have the virus protection from my server as it is apparently a good one. *a friend is an IT and says it's good* I'll have the friend try and figure it out for me if my hubby can't. No hurry. I'm still catching up with DA and checking out all the new plug ins. *WOW there are a lot of new ones* LOL
  3. Pixey, I opened the Christmas cats folder to take a look at them *after extracting them* and got a warning from my laptop to not trust the source. Did I do something wrong? I'm scared to open them now. It kept popping up over and over even though I cancelled, so I had to restart my computer. Thankfully, it went away! But I really want to download the images LOL Any idea what I did wrong?
  4. thanks for the tip. I knew it was "off" somehow and you pinpointed the problem! I'm assuming you mean outline before making the multiple layers, not after all the work is done at the end?
  5. awesome results everyone! I love watching all of the talent in this forum. Here's my attempt.
  6. nice! I love the black and white one!
  7. I like this effect for Fire text the best so far! Thanks bunches!
  8. and now I'm hungry!! thanks for the Tut. So easy to follow.
  9. My attempt. I know there's lots wrong with it, but I was playing at making a snow globe. I'm happy with it as a first attempt. Maybe once I learn more I'll try it again.
  10. One of my cats. I think this is the first pic I tried a couple weeks ago. I'm still really new so you can see the mistakes.
  11. Here's my try, even though this topic isn't very active! I enjoyed learning a new technique today. Thanks for the Tut. just noticed that you can't really see the effect on white, so here's my other try. sorry to repost. Hope that is okay.
  12. Here's my try. Also my very first post! LOL I sure hope this works.
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