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  1. ok looked it up Filetype plugin = a script that is run automatically when executable detects the type of file. I need to develop the program first, I dont care how I run it, whether it is by selecting a file of a type or by hardcoding it into a dll file. I thought by doing it within paint and codelab I had most of the functionality already built in ?
  2. Hi Boltbait, firstly Codelab is a fantastic add in, good job. Secondly I have installed it into paint however when I try to save as dll I get a message saying unable to build the dll. It also says cannot create temporary file c:\program files\\effects\cscb17.tmp access is denied. yes I am an administrator on this pc with full rights to the program folder thirdly I am new to writing in C but i am trying to write a piece of code which reads a file containing a list of x,y coordinates followed by rgb the format x,y,r,g,b,x,y,r,g,b,x,y,r,g,b......... or as an example 360,220,45,22,223,390,240,47,34,25,400,212,50,90,100.............. For each of these coordinates and rgb values I wish to fill in an area starting at the x,y coordinate with the relevant color. The fill will automatically stops when it reaches a black line. So if you picture odd shapes all over a page. This will color in each shape so long as I have a file listing one of the x,y cordinates within each shape on the page. Can you tell me if this is possible using codelab and perhaps even giving me a shove in the right direction, I have already read your excellent 4 tutorials so I now have a bit of a clue. Regards