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  1. Even when Rick must bid Paint.NET adieu, I will still continue using it as long as I can get it to work on whatever PC I use! I absolutely love the program b/c it has the power to do some really amazing things, while at the same time being really easy to use, all without the ridiculous price tag of other similar programs. And lest we forget the power to customize! I think this idea alone is probably the best one put into Paint.NET: It can be as simple or as complex as you'd like, all by simply downloading a few files & pasting them into a folder (or not!) Essentially, there are not enough nice things I can say about Paint.NET, nor the illustrious creator, Rick. Thank you, sir, for all of your hard work & dedication to this work of art!
  2. I used the font "Matrix" and followed FC's steps to the letter. This font only affects capitalized letters, but I rather like my outcome. @FC: Awesome guide btw! Very nicely done! I am quite happy with my new sig:
  3. is "Killin' a dragon, killin' a Blargh."

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      Dragons & Blarghs are tough to kill...