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  1. Very nice tutorial,this is one of my first things to make with Paint.net. So i think i am one of those lucky beginners who made it with first attempt:P. You explained it so good it wasn´t a problem for me to make this one,very nice;). Here is my first attempt
  2. Very nice and so simple. Here is my first attempt,i put some clouds and i used also Gradient art and something with magnifier,but can´t remember the name (upppss:P)
  3. I love to play devil may cry 4,crysis,prince of persia,bioshock,deadspace and many more.... if you like you can see me playing devil may cry 4 on youtube
  4. Very nice and easy understandable tutorial SPONGEY437,really nice;) Here is my first attempt
  5. This is my first writing here,so hope to see some more nice things;) Thank you for this nice thread,this was my first attempt. Tried to make it like a wallpaper. http://i.imgur.com/2Kf4q.jpg
  6. Hello guys, I´m new to this forum and just downloaded Paint.net I don´t know how to use Paint.net but i will read the threads and hopefully learn. I just scrolled over a few threads and topics and this Forum seems to be nice as well as there members. See you around guys P.S. Ich kann auch Deutsch reden und wie ihr seht schreiben;)
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