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  1. Hi. I have two requests, of course, Also In the past years i have expressed these requests in blog 's comments. Two features in the app that if you add them you helped us so much, and sure use of your app will be much more. 1. Add text to image on a new layer, and editable text. 2. Support right-to-left typing for languages like Persian. I have used Google Translator to write this message. Excuse me if there is a mistake in the text of my message. Thank you
  2. Hello. i have Paint.NET but i use it rarely and just for save screenshot. Paint.NET can be more and more need if : 1. Auto add text layer when i add a text in images, and texts be editable. 2. Support RTL&LTR text typing for texts. if this features will be added i will use Paint.NET instead of Photoshop more times. Also flutter of save alert annoys me. Thanks.
  3. Hi, is Paint.net Open Source? if yes, where i can download the sources? if no, how i can build plugin? Thanks.
  4. Please add "Shapes" to Paint.NET like Microsoft Paint. Minimum a heart!
  5. Is better if say: I has not !!! Why you answer lieu Paint.NET Author and Developer?
  6. Hi. Why Paint.NET doesn't create text Layer? (Like Photoshop) In Paint.NET we can't edit texts. Please build text layers feature in version 4. Thankfully.
  7. Hi. Paint.NET will be very lovable if add: 1.Freehand Tool 2.Shape Tool that there are in CorelDraw. http://isaad.persiangig.com/paintdn_cd_suggest1.gif http://isaad.persiangig.com/paintdn_cd_suggest2.gif
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