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  1. So I got BoltBait's plugin's and Pyrochild's and I saved them to desktop. Then copy'd and pasted in Effect's folder but it wont put it in Paint.Net
  2. Hi there im wondering what would i need to make these typ Pic's. What plugin's?
  3. i did and sorry for the bad grammer but yeah i followed that tryd it over and over and i had it work befor but when my comp shut down i had to re instal and now i just cant get it to work
  4. Strange thing keeps happining i download it and all go to prpertys and past this into effects and it say error and i say skip and at the end you have to skip all of them :L eney ideas why this is happining?
  5. oh just noticed that sorry dident know thanks Yeah im having realy bad trubles i cant seem to get it to work so far i spent 2 hours trying to get it to work sorry if im anoying you.