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  1. Thank you all ( Welshblue, barbieq, Helen, Yellowman,Moninca ) i'm so happy after this comments boltbait.smile.png...

    i think in this forum i not learn only design with PDN but with people like you here i learn politeness, english and how i help people.

    for this pic i tried to do some thing like an explosion planet ( but it was difficult )


    after Welshblue comment (thank you Welsh

    boltbait.smile.png )


  2. @ HELEN, @welshblue

    thank you for your comments boltbait.smile.png, really you are giving me power to continue with pdn not like some other peopel.

    and this is the second pic in my gallery


    to be continue inchallah

  3. It was nice modification ; Goonfella and Moninca ; thanks for the participation.boltbait.smile.png

    Chitodog i'm sorry if the tut was not more explaining.

    This Vdo is very helpful Yellowman ; thank you for your help ; but i havn't the plugin ( Hieght field normal map)

    i had searched about this plugin but i don't found it !!!!!?

  4. Nice end result Adel. However, I was trying to follow your tut, but you lost me at step 8. You say:

    So I put my color palette at white (primary) and black (secondary), then I go to Effects >> Render >> but then that's where you lost me. I don't see anything that resembles 'Scale'. Any idea where that is or is that another plugin that you forgot to mention we need? Can you please clarify that step before I can continue? Thank you ahead of time. :)

    i don't forget any step ; it work with me normally ; but you can use other method ; with black (primary) and white (secondary) add a new layer and go to Effects >> Render >> scale : 200, roughness :0,50 , Blend mode : normal ; after this go to layer properties and put the blending mode in Overlay. and merge layer down. good luck.

  5. It’s easy tutorial , but the difficult is how to make it clean and real.

    We need here essentially :

    - Alpha mask

    - BoltBait’s - outline selection -

    - Drop shadow

    - Metalize

    Secondly : Tile reflexion- noise – motion blur –Splinter- clouds – curves.

    This is theresult

    Make a background

    1- Add a new layer (background ) with : Width (1600)Hieght (800)

    2- Gradient radial with color : # C3C3C3 primary , #000000 secondry

    3- Effects >distort>Tiles reflection : angle :30 , Tile size : 10, Curvature : 45

    4- Gradient radial with color : Transparence primary, #000000 secondry

    Metal texture

    5- Add a new layer (textur)with color # c3c3c3

    6- Effects >Noise >add noise : Intensity :100, color saturation :0, covrage :100

    7- Effects >Blurs>motion blur : angle : 10, distance :30.

    8- with color :white and black , Effects >render>Clouds scale : 200, roughness :0,50 ,Blend mode : Overlay

    9- Effects >Noise >add noise : Intensity :50, color saturation :0, covrage :100

    10- Effects >Blurs > Splinter : Number of splinters : 4, Rotation :25, distance :8. (or you can also use motionblur )

    Text mask

    11- Add a new layer (Text mask) and write your text (just a few letters)with : black color ,Font :arial black ; size : 72

    12- With rectangle select you can tronsform your text in a large size ; put it now in the middle

    13- Add AA’s assitance to delete pixelated.

    14- in the layer (text mask) : - select all Ctrl+A , copy Ctrl+c, deselect Ctrl+d

    You are not need this layar now (you can delet it or check out layer).

    Apply Alpha mask

    in the layer (textur)

    15- Go to Effects > Alpha mask : make you sure that (invert Mask and Paste frome clipboard) are checked.

    16- with magic wand (floodmode : global, Tolerance: 50%) select the outside of your text and invert selection (Ctrl+I).

    17- add your text a few Gradient linear with color : Transparence primary, #000000 secondry (transparancy-alpha : 140 ) .

    18- don't deselect; add now Effects>selection > outline selection BoltBait’s : outline width : 10, color diffirent with black and white ( like blue ).

    19- Deselect text and select the outline selection always with magic wand (floodmode : global, Tolerance: 50%). Copy the outline.

    Outline chrome

    20- Add a new layer (outline selection) and paste the copy of outline selection.

    21- use magic wand (floodmode : global, Tolerance: 50%), gradient linear, color : black and white to add a chrome color.

    22- Add a metallize effect.


    Finaly with curves and a few drop shadow you will get a nice result

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