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  1. http:// Here I give you my result I hope you enjoy!!
  2. Hi!! I don't speak english... I'm from Argentina

  3. I'm Sexy and I nokw it

  4. This is my result double layer and additive mixed layer then rotate and zoom adjustment I am new to this and is difficult for me because I do not speak English thinking and thinking it occurred to me combine text fire effect so I did I tut steps Dramatic Fire Text from Mixgoom when ready (all linked layers) make magic wand and implement disfuminado of the surface on the black background and adjust it as you like it layer properties set blending mode and opacity<br title="Haz clic para obtener otras posibles traducciones" class=""> Finally double layer of wood processing and adjust flame layer mode and opacity until you like it Hope you like it and I started using the program less than a month ago
  5. Hi I am new to this! and I really hard time and I do not speak English and to learn a little more use the google translator and some words are not well translated ... I find it hard to understand some steps! But anyway this is what I came to my
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