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  1. I'm not sure about strand by strand, but this tut by Ash works really well, and makes it look like strand by strand.
  2. Ah, bummer. Okay, well then, I'll just hope it eventually comes with an update later. Thanks for the quick answer.
  3. I have your Outline plug in. How would I use it to thicken a line, though? If need be, I can upload a thumbnail to show what I want to do. Thanks. ^_^
  4. Sorry for another question so quickly. It's totally different, so I didn't want to combine them. Is it possible to go back and thicken outlines or drawn lines? I'm sort of "sketching" a basic outline with a #2 brush size, but I'd like to go back and thicken the lines eventually, if it is possible. That would save me from having to draw all over again. Thanks again.
  5. Is it possible to get more than 4 nubs on the Curve tool? I know I can use Sin Waves to get curves, but it would be more helpful if I can get the curve I need by using the basics. Thanks.
  6. Okay, I'm going to take a stab at this. First time competing, and it was fun. ^_^ 100% PDN, no stock or renders used.
  7. I've noticed that when I'm following the tutorials. Seems to work pretty good. ^_^ Basically I just wanted to be sure we could have the end result be the smaller, forum-sized sig, and wouldn't get docked for being 50 pixels short. Thanks very much.
  8. And one more question (sorry!): It says max dimensions are 500 x 200. Since the forum limits are 500 x 150, can we stick with that instead? Or do we have to go up to 200? Thanks. ^_^
  9. Oh wow, that's a neat site. Thanks Goonfella. ^_^
  10. lol I know. Apparently a craze started. I've got a queue going on. I am actually working on other things in PDN. I've got a few other types of images that I'll be putting up later today or tomorrow, since contests have all finished. No glass involved this time. lol
  11. Was messing around last night, and came up with this. I'm not satisfied with it, but it was my first one, so I guess it's all right. (warning, linked to huge pic)
  12. I think I've got some decent ones this time:
  13. Oookay, that makes more sense. Thanks. ^_^ One last question: By "renders", does that mean the plugins that fall in the Renders Folder, in Effects? Or something else. Sorry, still trying to learn the proper phrasings and such. ^_^
  14. Sorry for the double post. One more question. This part of the rules: Does this mean I have to use mainly stock photos? Or can I create things of my own, instead?
  15. Aww, thanks Helen. ^_^ Your glass orbs are fun to make, and I'm grateful to my friends for letting me practice on them. I've used PDN a year or two ago, on a different computer, with limited success. But all of these current images I made within the last 2 weeks or so. I have a bunch of others as well, but since they were for graphics contests on other forums, I'm going to wait until they're judged before adding them here. That way I can add my watermark, in case they're used.
  16. Just putting up some of the stuff I'm made using various tutorial here. Having them side by side makes it easier to see where I need to improve. Don't laugh too hard. New Stuff - 9/2/11 - More Bubble Avi's, this time multicolor! Color Flip has to be one of the best plugins available. Also, my first attempts at Photo Manips for the SAC. 7/19/11 - Playing around with Plugins for a contest: Hidden Content: My first PDN Painting. I don't really have a name for it, lol: Hidden Content: Random/Contest Sigs Hidden Content: Random PDN (Flutterbys & Colored Pencils) - 6/27/11 Hidden Content: Helen's Glass Galaxy Ball tut makes great Avi's. Several friends from another forum let me use them as guinea pigs for practicing. ^_^ In order from first to latest: Hidden Content: Ella's Filled Glass tut combined with Strass's Aura tut made my signatures: Hidden Content: flip's Swirly tut gave me these doodles: Hidden Content: Fooling around with Mayor_McSteeze's Glossy Water tut ended up with this. Still not sure how it happened, but I like it. Hidden Content: More sigs, this time with adel's Metal Text tut (yeah, I spelled my name wrong. Smart, ain't I? ) : Hidden Content:
  17. Amazingly simple, and amazingly beautiful. Thanks for the tut!
  18. Pffft. Of course, I would miss the obvious. lol Thanks. ^_^
  19. I may try out for this, as an excuse to experiment with some of the Newbie tuts. But I'm curious, what does the SOTW mean?
  20. Thank you very much for the help. PDN may be a graphics program, but since starting up with it again, I'm learning the insides of the computer as well. lol
  21. For some reason my computer won't let me convert the files. It says I need "Administrator Permission" to open the font folder, but won't actually ask for permission, like ususal. *scratches head* The free download I found works.... sort of. Some of the letters seem to be missing in the bold version. Any suggestions on how to fix that one? Thanks for the help so far. ^_^
  22. Ooo...., that explains some other font issues I've been having elsewhere. No wonder.... The font I'm looking for is Charlemagne Volume ( http://www.fonts.com...roductid=215197 ). So then, I should search for TrueType fonts when I look for downloads, right? EDIT: I think I found a TrueType version. Now to see if it works with PDN.
  23. Could someone please help me figure out how to add fonts to PDN's selection? I have the font downloaded and extracted, and have the "OpenType font file" ready to copy/paste/move. I just don't know where to move it to, lol. Thanks. ^_^
  24. Ah, that explains things. I think I had 5 or 6 windows open, including a movie. lol Multitasking and such, lol. That also explains the blur, since I think I was at 2/3 the starting size. I'll fix that next time through. And no worries, I wouldn't post the image in your gallery. That comment was meant about the Circle Text question, since I mentioned in your Gallery I was having trouble. I already asked so many questions over there, I didn't want to clutter it up anymore. I went back and editted in the pic here later. Sorry for the confusion. ^_^ Thanks again for the help!
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