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  1. Since both contests are finished, I can post these now. They didn't win, but I'm still very proud of them. ^_^ Also, some new glass orbs. My first PDN Painting. I don't really have a name for it, lol: "Sun Glasses" I'm thinking of tweaking this one later, to use as a sig: The Glass is taking over, lol. The last one is unfinished (obviously). I used the Metallize effect several times, and am trying out other things on it:
  2. I can almost see the whale grinning at the thought of the next meal. Nice. ^_^
  3. The sea? Ocean, too? Can't wait.
  4. Congrats everyone. ^_^ Can't wait for the next one!
  5. That's a good enough description to get me started, thanks. ^_^ Neat. I like the first one better, just because of the simplicity. It's like the Invisible/Static Woman. lol Can't wait to see the finished product. *thumb's up*
  6. I've deleted my logs already, but the next time it happens, I will. And I do have a lot of brushes (about 3-400), so that's probably my problem. THanks. ^_^
  7. Just giving some feedback. The smudging works great on the BETA version, but it takes forever to load. Sometimes it crashes PDN. Is this something on my side, or is it a bug?
  8. Thanks all for the encouragement. Welsh isn't me, but I'm glad you like it welshblue. ^_^ I never use Screen blending, but only because I don't know what it actually does. It just seemed to do the same thing as Darken (or Lighten? I forget which...) What exactly does it do??
  9. Been working on a ton of glass for people, and one of my friends gave me a challenge to do a heart. I'm proud of how it turned out.
  10. These have been really popular with some of my friends, and one of them challenged me to make a heart version. I'm really proud of how it turned out. ^_^
  11. Was messing around with some Paintbrushes from Brusheezy, along with the Metallize effects. Interesting results: And experimenting with Dents and Fragment Blur. No clue how it got to this, though.... btw, how do you do the whole Hide/Show thing?
  12. Thanks to Ego, I finally figured out how to get my brushes. However, when I try to add them to the Smudge tool, all it does is open them in Windows Photo Gallery as a preview. It doesn't give the option to add them. Am I missing something obvious?? I have Windows 7. EDIT: Pfft, never mind. Copy/Paste apparently is too advanced for me to figure out. *eye roll*
  13. Thank you Ego, that's a great start. I managed to get the ABRView (finally!), so I can preview the brushes at least. I'll see if I can get myself to the next step from here. Thanks a ton! EDIT: Okay, no go. *sigh* I can see the brushes, but I can't use them. Now what? EDIT2: Wait, I think I got it. I must have been looking in the wrong folder. I kept going back to the download folder, instead of the newly created ABRViewImages folder. *sigh* I'm such a dummy. lol
  14. I asked this in the Custom Brush thread, but never got an answer, so I'm hoping I will here. I can't seem to find a free program that will allow me to to open and use .abr files when downloading custom brushes. Are there any that anyone could point me in the right direction? I'm getting pretty frustrated, which is making it that much harder to figure things out. I'm a computer dummy, so a walkthrough would be greatly appreciated. ^_^
  15. Ah, I forgot, I can't seem to add brushes to PDN at all. Not sure what the problem is, but the ones I download always seem to leave an empty folder. *shrug* Forgot about that issue. Thanks for clearing up the background confusion for me. ^_^
  16. I apologize for the questions, but I'm pretty lost on how to use this new version. I can't figure out how to add brushes, and I can't find a spot to change the background. I'm working on shading a horse picture, but I can't tell where everything is since I can't see the rest of my layers. Could you possibly walk me through what I'm supposed to do? This is what my interface looks like when I open it: Much appreciated. ^_^
  17. Ah, okay makes sense. Wow, I'm going to have to work really large for that one. Lots of saving and crashing expected. XD lol Thanks.
  18. Oh wow..... I'm not sure which one I like best.
  19. Ooo, fun. First plug-in I've been around for the "unveilling" of. Can't wait to play with it. Thanks! ^_^
  20. Erm, dumb question I'm sure, but what are the usual proportions for a wallpaper? I've never paid attention before. Is it something like 1079 x 726, or some other random number I can't think of??
  21. Pffft. And I just realized I mispelled my own name. Win. XD
  22. Well, I followed the tut exactly, then sort of strayed at the end by adding random effects (gradient mapping, highlights, beveling, etc.). I came up with this: Awesome tut. Thanks a bunch!
  23. I just spotted this. Shading has always been a nightmare for me, so this is truly a life-saver! Thanks so much! Now I've got both my Skin Tones files, and am working on a Horse Coat file.
  24. Wow, don't want to wake up with that thing looking me in the eye. lol Nicely done. Nice to hear Snakeman made it. How did you get that scaly texturing on him?
  25. Earth Jewel is my favorite. Nice job. I can never get those kind of results when I do abstracts. My mind works in symetry (sp?), so abstracts are kind of difficult. Nice work. ^_^
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